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Spring Kisses Lover's Tears (2003)


An Evening Of Chinese Golden Oldies
MARCH 2003

Spring Kisses Lovers Tears pays tribute to the famous singers and movie stars (Lin Dai, Zhou Xuan, Li Xiang Lan, Jing Ting) during the golden age of cinema when musical scores and songs were simply exquisite. Movie productions in the 1930s-1960s would not be complete without the obligatory signature tunes to take us on a turbulent journey of love, romance, heart ache and heart break.

This presentation features renowned sopranos Angela Chock and Phoon Sook Peng, tenor/Chinese narrator Lim Cheng Hock, baritone Liao Siao Suan, English narrator Ian Ng Aik Soon, Lighting designer Mac Chan Ban Hin and the Dama Chinese Orchestra, comprising its artistic director Pun Kai Loon, music director Khor Seng Chew, concert master Gan Boon We, See Keh Fong, Bong Boon Khee, Tee Hsien Onn Ng Boon Hean.

致敬了当时配乐和歌曲精美的电影黄金时代的著名歌星和影星(林黛、周璇、李香兰、景婷)。 1930 年代至 1960 年代的电影制作如果没有强制性的标志性曲调,将带我们踏上一段充满爱、浪漫、心痛和心碎的动荡旅程,则将是不完整的。
Khor Seng Chew   music director
Pun Kai Loon   artistic director | director
Gan Boon We   concert master

Angela Chock | soprano
Tan Soo Suan | soprano
Lim Cheng Hock | tenor
Ian Ng Aik Soon | narrator

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