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Chinese Opera Excerpts

The Magic Of Yue & Huangmei Operas


Dama Asia International Opera Series 2017

In Collaboration With China’s National First Class Artistes Zhou Yan
with English and Chinese surtitles

Huangmei Opera and Yue Opera are among the most famous Chinese operas. The former became very popular in Malaysia in the 1960s due to its promotion in Shaw Brothers period movies; the more notable ones being The Kingdom and the Beauty and The Butterfly Lovers. Unlike the relatively "modern" folksy sound of Huangmei Opera, the Yue Opera, on the other hand, is well known for its femininity in terms of the singing, performing and staging styles.

This performance at TLC is led by ZHOU Yan, China's national first class artiste. featuring LEE Peng Shu, GUAN Yang & LI Feng

Singapore Sam Kiang Huay Kwan Chinese Opera Group
Singapore Nanyang Music Company

JUNE 2017

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