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Teochew Opera Excerpts

The Farewell & The Witty Maid


Dama Asia International Opera Series 2014

The Eighteen Mile Farewell, this is the famous farewell scene from the legendary folk tale of Butterfly Lovers, in which Zhu Yingtai
bids farewell to Liang Shanbo after receiving a letter from her supposedly sick mother asking her to return home. Witty Maid and the Prurient Master, Witty maid Jiang Yu meets her master Ping Jun Zan on her way to deliver snacks to scholar Qi. Ping is rude to Yu, teasing and holding her back. In order to get away, she proposes a midnight rendezvous in the study. The Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore) has been established to undertake training and research in Chinese opera so as to popularize it. The Centre promotes cultural diversity and global awareness through local and international exchanges.

The Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore)

JUNE 2014

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