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Beijing Opera Excerpts

Escapes From The Temple & Autumn River


Dama Asia International Opera Series 2015

Beijing Opera is a combination of chang (singing), nian (dialogue), zuo (pantomime) and da (acrobatic fighting and dancing). Its repertoire is often derived from tales of the past- important historical events, legends of emperors and generals, geniuses and beauties. There are four major roles - sheng (male), dan (youngfemale), jing (painted face, male) and Chou (clown, male and female) where each can be divided into more roles.

Taking the stage to present excerpts of the famous Beijing Opera are Ge Shanshan, a graduate from Beijing National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts who is studying the roles of "dan" (young female); and Jiao Jingge, who is well sort-after in the role of "chow" and an assistant professor of Beijing National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts.

JIAO Jingge
GE Shanshan

Datin Maggie Teh

MAY 2015

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