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Cantonese Opera Excerpts

Dreamy Reunion & Fall Of Luan


Dama Asia International Opera Series 2014

Hong Kong's CHAN Ming Ying & LIU Yu Feng will bring us two well-known Cantonese operas. In “The Fall of Lu'an City” Jin Wuzhu of the Jin dynasty invaded the Song dynasty's city of Lu'an. Its military governor Lu Deng left his infant son in the hands of a nurse and convinced his wife to commit suicide to prevent her from being raped, and finally killed himself. In A Dreamy Reunion at Lo River, Cao Cao's son, Cao Zhi fell in love with Lady Zhen and his brother Cao Pi felt threatened by Cao Zhi's eligibility to ascend the throne and sabotaged Cao Zhi, even forcibly taking Lady Zhen as his own. Immensely stressed by the romantic disputes and power struggles between the two brothers, Lady Zhen perished into the Lo River... and more tragedy ensued.

CHAN Ming Ying
LIU Yu Feng

NOV 2014

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